Let us help you choose the best carpet and upholstery cleaners who will get your carpets cleaner

 and as clean as a whistle in the South Shields, Jarrow, Hebburn and Boldon area 

also includes Cleadon, Whitburn, Seaburn and Fulwell 

Our top ten recommendations for Carpet Cleaners in the South Tyneside area are:

1. Super-Clean - South Shields - Tel 0191 4552929

2. Shields Carpet Cleaning services - South Shields - Tel 07516 668367

3. Gunns Cleaning Service - South Shields - Tel 0191 454289

4. Extracta Mark - South Shields - Tel 0191 4545071

5. Aqua Carpet Care -South Shields - Tel 0191 4566077

6. Service Master - South Shields - Tel 0191 4548744

7. A1 Carpet and Upholstery Cleaners - North Shields - Tel 0191 259096

8. Revita - North Shields - Tel 0191 2659962

9. Clean It UK Group - Jarrow - Tel 0191 4565958

10.Four Seasons - South Shields - Tel 0191 4546390

We are proud to announce that SUPER-CLEAN of South Shields are currently

our top recommended Carpet cleaning service in the South Tyneside area. 

To arrange an appointment from SUPER-CLEAN, or to receive a no-obligation quotation, you can contact them on 0191 455 2929, or visit their website for more details at www.super-clean.biz

Here's our review of Super-Clean

Why choose SUPER-CLEAN?

Because they are a professional cleaning company and have been established in South Shields since 1999. They have a 100% reputation for consistent quality and workmanship, and constantly receive positive reviews.

Why choose a professional company for the job?

Professional carpet cleaners are experts at their trade, they are fully insured, are fully experienced, and they are dedicated to completing your job with high quality results. They rely on repeat business as well as recommendations to new customers, so it is in their best interest to complete the job to your absolute satisfaction and receive positive reviews for their work.

What services do SUPER-CLEAN offer?

Super-Clean offer Carpet cleaning, Stain removal, Leather cleaning, Deodarising treatments, Anti-fungal treatments, Insecticidal treatments, Bio-Enzime treatments, Flood restoration, Flame retardent treatments, Stainguarding, and many more specialist treatments. The chemicals and solutions they use are enviromentally friendly and safe for use where there are pets, babies and children.

How can I contact SUPER-CLEAN?

You can call them anytime between 9.00am and 7.00pm on 0191 455 2929 or 07708 565 077

Customer reviews

*****"For many years we thought the carpet in our bar needed replacing, not just because of inground dirt, but years of spilled sticky drinks, discarded chewing gum, and food etc, in fact everything that our vacuum machine couldn't pick up over the years. When Steve took a look at it we said there's no way you can clean it. He said he could, and he did!.The carpet now looks like new again. Very highly recommended." -- Steve Stronach, Landlord, Marsden Inn, South Shields

*****"We were in two minds whether to change our hall and living room carpets as they were letting the whole house down. We were given a recommendation by a friend to get Super Clean to come and clean them. It was a superb choice.Our friends think we have had brand new carpets fitted." -- Mrs Robinson, South Shields

*****"We had a problem with bad smells in our dining room caused by our two large dogs. Super-Clean recommended that we should have the carpet cleaned and deodarised. The price we were offered was so good we even had our kitchen, stairs and bedrooms cleaned at the same time. They did a top class job and now our house is totally free of the doggy smells." --Mr Pattison, Cleadon Tyne and Wear

Super-Clean South Shields

Pictures from Super-Clean's website

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